Our building company have an expierence in working out building designs, building, reconstruction and restoration of dwelling houses, shops, tourist objects, sport complexes, log cabins, agricultural and production objects, car services and historic buildings, as well as, in building and recostruction of water management objects and engineering networks of inhabited places.

We are building nature friendly objects in accordance with legal requirements and within our limits we try to decrease and prevent damage to the environment.

General partnership „A.A.& Būvkompānijas” - it means a professional work always completed in time.



Our designing company SIA "Ceturtais stils" was founded in 2005 on the19th of July. The main activities of the company are - designs of public, production and dwelling houses, as well as, designing roads and parking places. For the clients the company offers services of a professional architect and design engineers who will find the best solution for your wishes.

When SIA „Ceturtais stils” is working with projects it is characteristic to use an artistic and practical approach at the same time. The artistic vision of the environment is mixed with rational, easy to realize and nature friendly solutions. During working out the project we think not only about the client but also about the builder due to make the building process as easy as possible. By using modern information technology and following the latest trends in designing and building fields, our expierence and knowledge have developed and that’s why we can concentrate more on realizing each client’s individual needs.


Like sun wakes up each early morning with the first rays, the same we do, we get up each day to create an environment to live in, to work and rest with pleasure.


General partnership „A.A.& Būvkompānijas” is legally established in 2005 on the 28th of October, but as our real birthday we ragard the 8th March of 1999, when the first company of our group was registrated. Historically working in building field started already in the year 1983 when the head of the company Arvīds Apfelbaums started to work as a construction manager in Madona’s lauktehnika.


Our mission when providing our services is to make our client’s life better, continously increasing the company value that for the people who work in our company as a team gives a satisfaction for their work at the same time.

Main directions of our work are:

- working out projects of house and building engineering networks;

- house and building construction and restoration works, managing and supervision;

- designing and construction of heat supply and ventilation systems;

- construction or reconstruction works, managing and supervision of water supply and sewerage systems and engineering networks;

- designing, construction works, managing and supervision of roads.

General partnership „A.A.& Būvkompānijas” is planning its time so that it can concentrate on longlasting partnership with the client by setting short or long - term strategic goals and by organising an individual approach to each client by finding out the expressed and both unexpressed wishes.

The company develops its inner processes regularly by educating and motivating the employees to increase their responsibility according to the result of the work and encouraging their nature friendly actions.

To provide an effective management of basic activities functions and realization of the processes of GP “A.A.& būvkompānijas”, the management system of the company is certified according to the international quality and environment management system standarts– ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015.


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